Introducing Kabafrost Kft.

Kabafrost Kft. was established in 1998 as a greenfield site in Eastern-Hungary, 32 km west of Debrecen.
The company is engaged in producing, storing and selling deep frozen vegetables. Main products are sweet corn, green peas, green beans, various colour peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato, various vegetable mixes and bio vegetables.
Significant part of the end products is sold abroad, almost in every European country. Beside that it is to affirm that the company has an important role on the Hungarian market in trading quick frozen vegetables. The suppliers of the factory are mainly farmers working on the region’s fertile and irrigated soils, and have one of the quality assurance systems HACCP, ISO 9002 or EUREPGAP.
More than three-quarter of the raw material processed by Kabafrost Kft. are grown within 15 km from the factory. This unique factor helps the company to work tight together with the farmers, the aim of which is to produce high quality raw materials and transport it quickly to the factory.
Kabafrost Kft. is owned by one agricultural company of great significance in the region, so interests in growing are entwined with the interests in processing.
The strategy of the company is to place emphasis on quality production and to meet specific needs and demands of customers. In order to fulfil this demand, HACCP system is used and high level EFSIS (BRC) system has been introduced, too. The firm co-operates with the growers in working out, using and controlling agricultural guidelines. In addition, Kabafrost Kft. gives them financial help to introduce quality assurance systems. Full traceability of the end-products is provided back to the basic seeds.
The factory and the production line were built on high technology and hygiene level, and are always developed concerning new achievements. Nowadays the production’s volume is above 15000 tons and thanks to developments of last years the storage capacity is over 8000 tons.
A high capacity, state-of-the-art packaging machine was installed at beginning of 2007 which can make packages from 300 grams to 2.5 kilograms.
The in-house laboratory is used to ensure checks on both imported and own processed products.
The company’s long-term strategy is to manufacture high quality and increasing quantity products on a high technological level with a solid, reliable team of growers and highly educated staff. Hopefully an increasing role can be achieved on the EU and domestic markets.