Uniquely in Hungary, we buy 80 % of the raw materials in a 15 km diameter around the factory. It makes possible to process the raw material in shortest time, preserving its mineral and vitamin content.

We not only just follow with attention the growing of the raw materials from sourcing the basic seed through control of the agricultural technology until harvest, but our professionals lead and consult with the growers. Every step of the growing procedure is registered on a "Field data sheet", to ensure the quick access for our customers to the "past record" (such as applied chemicals) of the products.

Since the factory is owned by concerned growers and our growers have one of the quality assurance systems HACCP, ISO 9002 or EUREPGAP, the access to the best quality raw material is always assured.

The production of bio products and processing controlled sprayed vegetables for baby food has always more and more importance in the factory. We have adequate and certified groups of farmers growing this plants. In the interest of efficient harvest we bought new machines which are available for our growers.

Our aim is to build up strong, efficient, long-term contact with our growers. Towards this we have a regular daily contact with them.